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The Way workshop

Create your song and heal your heart

About the workshop

Hi, my name is Shir  Alony and I am a singer-songwriter,
I'm also a person healing from many traumas since childhood.
Music has helped me heal throughout the years
and I now offer "The Way'' to help you heal through music creation.

We can relax together, take a break,

and I am here to listen to your creations and your soul,

to help you with my knowledge, tips and heart.



More about me

A soul searcher, musician and multi-creator, currently with the live show "Don't give up" which is about dealing with my life traumas and encouraging the use of creation as a way  to heal the heart.

I the last year got many plays on local Israeli radio and performed in festivals. Also successfully raised in crowd sourcing the support for my show.

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-15 at 13_edited.png

The topics we may work on together,
for your choice:

-Dealing with common creation blocks

-Deep tools for inspiration and finding the muse.

-Working on texts for song writing.

-Music composition.

-Sounds 101 (entry level).

-Production 101 (entry level).

-Getting live on stage- Voice warmups, performance tips and more.

-Branding and standing out.

-Booking and PR tips- how to DIY it.

-Time management and organization.

Terms and Regulations:

-This workshop is by a musician, not by a certified mental professional. If it’s OK, continue.

-The group sessions will be announced to you via mail, make sure to stay tuned

-If you want a private session, contact me at to schedule the meeting. 

-After scheduling a private session, you may cancel it until 24 hours before the session, with money back/ delay of the session to a different date.
After that there is no money back but we can reschedule the session.

So, are you joining me?

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