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This is all under experiment, so don't take it word for word but I'll do my best to achieve this amazing content (mostly in Hebrew but will try to cater to English speakers/international crowd):

Anytime we can- music clips, sketches, cool creative stuff, DIY, all mixed up stuff that you send us.

Sunday-Thursday- 10:00- Create Today with Shir Alony- culture news of the day, clips, thoughts, culture appriciation and interviews when possible. (Hebrew)

Sunday-Thursday- 18:00- The Hebrew Hour- Local music clips in a variety of genres.

Sunday-Thursday- 19:00- The International Hour- Music clips in all languages besides Hebrew, or music with no language, in a variety of genres.

Sunday-Thursday- 23:00- The Calm-down- Meditation, relaxing music, hosting musicians and artists of the spiritual kind.

Sunday 14:00- Your Hour- you can come up live with anything creative you want to share with us (yours/ others you love+ with no copyright issues). a link to zoom will be publish on (Hebrew)

Sunday 18:00- Time to Grow- A talk show hosting business mentors and industry people wiling to share tips for artists. (language depends on the guest).

Monday- 18:00- The Social Hour- Political, economical and social issues that concern the coltural world. An Alternative point of view. (Hebrew).

Monday- 22:00- The Funny Hour- Local Stand up and sketches, you're welcome to send us your stuff to air!

Tuesday- 18:00- Cultcast- A Podcast about culture with Mor Dey Hanani- Mor interviews some of Israel's known stars that don't know what they are in random esoteric clips by this creative young man. (Mostly Hebrew though clips may include any language in the world).

Tuesday- 22:00- Short and Flowing- Israel's great stars read short stories (produced by Amir Asher). (Hebrew)

Wednesday- 20:00- The Magical Stage- Open mic to all kinds of art- show us any kind of creation of yours. (up to 2 songs/ 3 images-pieces/ 7 minutes tops) register at e-mail: [email protected]

Thursday 18:00- DIY Time- learn how to create cool stuff at home- open for guest hosts or for your recorded stuff. Open for guest hosts in Hebrew/English.

Thursday 20:00- The Selected- A special show/ something we really loved airing this week and/or the show or piece that got the most requests from you that we air it again.

Friday 14:00- Sadeclopedia- every show deals with a different cultural topic. Open for guest hosts in Hebrew/English.

Friday- 22:00- Party Time!- DJ's play their funky stuff to us (open for guest dj's from around the globe to send us mixes, sets, or host a live online party).

Saturday- reruns of selected shows during the day.

Saturday- 22:00 - Zman HaPurkan- Local hard rock magazine by Yonatan Grossberg (Hebrew/English).

Contact Sade TV
[email protected] - to send me video clips or artistic images (I prefer files via google drive)+ an authorization to air your music/art/funny sketches/short films+ a few words about your piece to write to the viewers. For any other ideas and collabs, write to me.

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