"Sade" ("Field" in Hebrew) is a supporting space for creators from all fields.
We provide spaces for creative activities of all kinds that can be rented by the hour,
We also provide media and content services which support artists.
As an independent artist, I have learned and experienced many creative and media tools,
thus I am happy to advise and help other creators in their careers and also to provide my media and diverse content skills.
Try me as a: Video Editor, Stills / Video Photographer, Creative Musician, Producer, Proofreader, Content Manager, Website Builder, PR, Promotion, Show Booker in Israel and more!

You're welcome to come visit us at
2 Taversy St., 2nd floor, Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel: + 972-54-4873248 (Shir)
Mail: [email protected]

Photo: Iiay Chester