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Shir Alony / Sade Website Policy


A. Shir Alony - A creative musician, the site owner and the director of "Sade" (hereinafter: "Shir Alony").

B. Shir Alony's website - and Sade's website - ("The Website").

C. Customer - for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, anyone who entered the Website (not including the physical location of "Sade" or any other place where Shir Alony was present). (Hereinafter: "The Customer").

D. Shir Alony's “Sade” is a business where she hosts related activities and supports creators from all fields/areas at 2 Tversky Street in Tel Aviv, 2nd floor at the end of the corridor, where an online store is also operational via the Website, Internet radio, newsletter and more. (hereinafter: "Sade").

E. Sade Team - Everyone who works with and helps with Shir Alony in the physical location of Sade, should be treated as employees of Shir Alony and therefore the legal responsibility for their actions within their role in "Sade" is that of Shir Alony (hereinafter: "Sade Team").

F. Creation - Logos, trademarks, physical or digital products, events, recordings, photos, texts and anything that is intellectual property. (Hereinafter: "Creation").

G. Creator – Anyone who, through Sade, publishes their work (hereinafter: "the creator").

H. Credit - Specifies the name of the creator next to the work or the same page on the site. (Below: "Credit").

I. Third-party applications - Applications that allow payment via a website or through any mobile device, by entering credit card details (hereinafter: "third-party applications").

Intellectual Property

1. All the works published on the website are owned by Shir Alony only and are thus the fruits of her work. The "Sade" logo is the trademark of Shir Alony and the work of Alex Morozov.

2. All rights in the Website are reserved for Shir Alony and may not be reproduced, copied, photographed, recorded, translated, stored in a database, transmitted or recorded in any way or by any electronic, optical, mechanical or other means (Including any part of Shir Alony's works contained on this Website). In addition, commercial use of the site content, as defined above, in all or part of it, is permitted only after obtaining a written permission from Shir Alony.

3. All of this, except for works that are explicitly given credit to another creator on the website under the section "What’s happening at Sade" as well as works that will be integrated in the various media owned by Shir Alony (e.g. a song by a creator) To be broadcast on "Sade" radio). In these cases, all rights are reserved to the creator who is given credit for the work.

4. With respect to the works specified in section 3, no reproduction, copying, photographing, recording, translating, storing or recording in any way or by any electronic, optical, mechanical or other means, any part of the works without written permission from the author thereof is given credit for the piece.

Purchase on site

1. The warranty for any product that can be purchased on the site, including the responsibility for the delivery of the work or product as required in reasonable time and in good standing is on Shir Alony, with the exceptions in the following sections regarding the works of any other creator sold through the site.

1.B. Shir Alony and Sade Team undertake to coordinate products subject to schedule coordination such as performances / media services / Sade events / space rentals as soon as possible from the time the product is purchased on the site or by phone.

2. A work or a product that can be purchased on the site is sold only with the written consent of the creator, prior to the publication of the work on the site, after an agreement has been written and approved on the subject.

3. It is the responsibility of Shir Alony and Sade staff to notify the creator about any purchase of their product through our website and to transfer the money to the creator in a timely manner.

4. The responsibility for handling the customer's payment to the site is that of Shir Alony, as well as its responsibility to distribute, according to the terms of the agreement with each creator, the payments from the customers to each creator, with each creator receiving the profits on the sales of their work appearing on the site.

5. Shir Alony is not responsible for any creation, purchase or information of another creator made through third party websites or through links to the creator's private websites.

6. Payment Options: You can pay for the products, works, services and events advertised on the site, through secured credit clearing on the site through PayPal, cash, checks, wire transfer or through payment apps such as Paybox, Bit, Colu.

7. If there is a technical malfunction in the payment process made through the Website or through third party applications, Shir Alony and the creators are not responsible for handling the matter but folyou company that hosts the site technically, Paypal which allows the credit clearing and / or any third party application company. Through which payment was made.

8. In the event of a failure in the payment process between the credit companies and the various applications that allow payment to Alony or the creators, Alony or the creators are not responsible for the malfunction. The customer must contact his / her credit company and / or the app company through which the purchase was made.

10 hour tab
1. This product is valid for a year from the day it is purchased.
2. It can be transferred to the use of a different person as long as it's still valid.
3. The hours scheduled in Sade's Google Calendar are the hours counted as a use of the tab.
4. In the case of more or less hours that have been used at the actual event, the marking of the hours on the Google calendar will be changed to match the actual use as a fair way to register the hours.

Cancellation Policy 

1. If the customer requests to return a physical / digital product, for a reason of incompatibility or defect of the product, without any use, no cancellation fee will be charged and can be done by telephone or email.

2. Cancellation of a product that depends on schedule coordination, such as renting a space in the Sade / performing / personal consulting / media services of Shir Alony - You can cancel with a full refund up to 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the time scheduled between Shir Alony and Sade staff with the customer / s and then the cancellation fee will be 100 NIS.

3.  Within a fixed tab utilization, you can cancel your scheduled space up to a business day before the scheduled time and receive a refund for the remaining tab time. After that there will then be no return of the hour to the tab balance.

Proper disclosure regarding the provision of personal information through the Website 

1. Shir Alony, a Sade team and any creator selling through the site, undertakes not to make any unauthorized use of the personal information provided to us through the various registration forms. That is, delivery, sale alongside C and / or sending emails on issues unrelated to the Sade, or the creation of Shir Alony.

2. After signing up for a newsletter sign-up form and after purchasing a site purchase, the customer confirms that Shir Alony, the Sade staff and the creators selling through the site will use the personal information provided for communication with the customer to send the newsletter and / or contact about the purchase made on the site. And / or contact us regarding the customer's interest in the work or product posted on the site. For this purpose only, the information provided through the various registration forms will be used.

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© All rights reserved to Shir Alony

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